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American Guy

Kurt Lima from Los Angeles, California.

Hello everyone, I am 25 years old and recently moved to LA from San Diego. I love life and am big on friends and family. I’ve always sought after modeling work but at times it fell to the way side during my higher education. After graduating San Diego State University with a Communication Degree and a Minor in Psychology I was approached by a number of people who believe I have the potential for this industry. I embody a sharp, stylish, and professional look that can deliver on a company’s reputation for success.

Li Ben He – body perfection- Chinese model

Li Ben He, a Chinese model, the one who make himself differently from the others with perfect hunky body, a little more muscular but enough, certainly worked hard on body training. He has an impeccable body, with great abdominal definition that would make any guy jealous and run the gym right away. Very potential with great body structure, Li Ben He posed very sexy in this set. Check out his link for more pictures if you’re interest. Just…perfect!

photographer Journey Gong's latest series of photos

Ok, so, as far as I can tell the bridges and tunnels are still in operation… and the path train is running every ten minutes as scheduled (give or take being randomly late every now and again confused)… so let’s just assume that title isn’t exactly literal mrgreen.

So to speak… But New York photographer Journey Gong did manage to present us with a rather gorgeous representation of the great Garden State in the form of a particular 28 year-old model named Ryan Matthew White… Perhaps some of you might recall him from a set of Fantasticsmags shots he took a couple years back titled Guy From New Jersey? (I swear I looked all over for the set but they seem to have oddly vanished from the site)…

Well anyhow Ryan has returned for 2010. And this time around he has but one message to deliver:… Yes… and Sir! cool

As in Yes Sir! The title of photographer Journey Gong’s latest series of photos for the online men’s apparel line JS Dirty Industry. As you can tell the theme here is somewhat in line with military fashion… and I have to say with Journey at the lens Ryan manages to pull off the look quite fabulously…

Ok, so he doesn’t completely pull it off cool… but he does look quite hot just ‘in the process’ mrgreen. Btw does anyone else get a slight Cory Monteith vibe from his look? Or is it just me confused… Anyhow, you can check out more of Matthew over on his MMayhem portfolio. Matthew’s also being featured over on Journey’s blog as well, so be sure to check him out both there and of course on Journey’s own portfolio.


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