so cute

…lay an impeccably gorgeous British ‘lad’… who just happens to bear an uncanny fondness for modeling (preferably in the nude)… That is of course assuming he’s not busy further ‘pimping’-out his sweet ride for show events . Oh, and as you can tell perhaps from the shot above, he also happens to be super, super cute



Kurt Lima from Los Angeles, California.

Hello everyone, I am 25 years old and recently moved to LA from San Diego. I love life and am big on friends and family. I’ve always sought after modeling work but at times it fell to the way side during my higher education. After graduating San Diego State University with a Communication Degree and a Minor in Psychology I was approached by a number of people who believe I have the potential for this industry. I embody a sharp, stylish, and professional look that can deliver on a company’s reputation for success.

Thai actor Chaiwat Thongsang of Bangkok Love Story

Thai actor Chaiwat Thongsang of Bangkok Love Story fame, whose nickname is “Tob,” was only 17 years old when he was cast in his first leading role in the controversial feature film Puen Koo Rak Meung Wah (Bangkok Love Story), released September 2007.
In the movie, he played “It,” a closeted gay man in uniform who is about to marry his pretty fiancée. But by chance he falls in love with a lone hit man hired to assassinate him.

The movie broke new ground in mainstream Thai cinema with the portrayal of two masculine men in intimate scenes including deep kissing and love-making. For decades, the big Thai studios produced movies with themes or sub-plots about sad transgender characters and comedies portraying gay men as drag queens.

Not so with Tob, who was 79 kg and 187 cm when he was cast and already looked like an aspiring body-builder. He said he became interested in body-building when he was 14, but only got serious about it after the success of Bangkok Love Story, which afforded him the time and money to devote himself to the sport.

perfect boy models and short -exciting decade

Sexy model from Viet Nam

Only the face of this guy! Like other Vietnamese male celebrities, Duy Bang is both model and actor, but people knows him as a promising director. Owning a manly face with sexy curly hair, he was attracted and inspired me for digging more pictures about him. This post contains only his beautiful head shots and sorry for no shirtless picture.




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